Gate Hacking is a promo card found in .hack//ENEMY.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

Gate Hackings game text allows you to bring in any ENEMY card from outside the game (that is to say, any card that was not originally in your deck) and put it into your discard pile. This can make for interesting combos with recycling strategies, since the card you place into your discard pile doesn't need to follow most of the limitations on deck building (such as limiting the deck's size to 60 cards, or having only 4 copies of a single card in a deck at a time), allowing you to make a sudden advantage when used properly. Be aware though that you cannot add a card that was banned to your discard pile with this card during tournament play. Since it requires a Level Up card to be spent to play it, only players that have previously obtained Level Up cards are advised to add it into their decks.

This card was obtained as a retail incentive Oct 2003

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