.hack//G.U. Trilogy O.S.T. is the official soundtrack of the first .hack movie. The music was produced by long time .hack series composer Chikayo Fukuda (LieN).

Disc OneEdit

Track Title Time
1 プロローグ (Prologue) 1:03
2 黒い獣 (Black Beast) 1:19
3 哀しい微笑み (Sad Smile) 2:00
4 三爪痕 (Tri-Edge) 2:07
5 システム管理者 (System Administrator) 2:18
6 誤算 (Miscalculation) 0:36
7 テラスの少女 (Terrace girl) 1:59
8 宿敵 (Nemesis) 1:01
9 蒼炎の守護神 (Azure Flame God) 3:38
10 心的外傷 (PTSD) 1:28
11 ダイブ (Dive) 1:47
12 異常事態 (Abnormal Situation) 0:57
13 Liar's Smile 4:18
14 はじまりの場所 (Beginning location) 0:53
15 AINA 1:45
16 進化の価値 (Value of Evolution) 2:06
17 優しい光 (Gentle Light) 2:53
18 最期の闘い (Final Battle) 2:55
19 真意 (True Thoughts) 3:28
20 希望の翼 (Wings of Hope) 3:49
21 この手の先に・・・ (Before these Hands...) 1:53
22 Deepest Memories 3:51
23 For Trailer 0:42

Disc TwoEdit

Disc 2 is part of the Limited Edition release of this soundtrack and contains thirteen wallpapers in two different resolutions: 1024x768 and 1600x1200. It also includes four "sound only" Parody Mode tracks.


  • The lyrics to Deepest Memories are the same as Yasashii Ryoute (Gentle Hands), except set to a faster techno beat.

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