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I was thinking that maybe for LINK characters, for the ones who originate from other series, have a different character info template with an added column which would identify where they first appeared in the rest of the series, like Kite from the .hack games and Tsukasa from SIGN, etc. ---User:PhaethonZer0fNothing

Actually, that's pretty much covered in the "First Appearance" row.
Anyway, I'm getting tired of the rollbacks. I first started doing it because I thought it was stupid to have links that linked to the same article, but after about 20 or so rollbacks I realized that they were linking to their "original's" articles. Should I continue with the rollbacks or undo what I've done so far?--OtakuD50 21:01, April 27, 2010 (UTC)
No, we will not do that. It just doesn't look aesthetic to me. That's why I got rid of it when someone started making the new LINK pages. Having the LINK Terajima page start with a link to Terajima Ryoko just doesn't look right to me. We were gonna put it in the History section anyways. Like, for LINK Terajima, the History section would look like
===Project .hack===
For information on Terajima Ryoko's role in Project .hack, please see Terajima Ryoko. (Or something to that effect)
My whole plan for the Character pages was for the History section to be the definitive section for all characters. That way, if the character exists in a separate era, you can simply have a link to it in the History section so you know when it occurs and such. Perhaps once we get more info on LINK, like whether or not characters are AIs, I can finally organize it into the way I want. For example, if LINK Terajima was an AI, the Project .hack section would say something like "The original Terajima Ryoko was a player in the Project .hack era." For people like LINK Yata, if LINK Yata was the main character among Yata's PCs, the .hack Conglomerate section would say something like "Yata controlled several different PCs during .hack Conglomerate. These PCs were Naobi, Nala, and Yata" and the LINK Naobi and LINK Nala would probably say the same thing. So, anyways, yeah, that's how I envisioned the Character pages to look like when completed. If you have questions about it, address them here. Kulaguy 23:18, April 27, 2010 (UTC)

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