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This is Falcon At's stomping ground.

I have some pics that the douche-bag in me feels like showing off to people who might care maybe. Enjoy.

Took longer/Was much harder than I thought it would (be). There's three layers of AFK plus one Cubia(XXXX), a scarf off of google and, the sole original part, messier hair. I wish the Cubia core in R:2 appeared like this rather than a huge tentical/testical monster. (Seriously, Haseo didn't even need Ovan! Just go for the nads!)

Made this for RPG. I didn't ask, but he did sorta.

Poor image quality meets long periods of time trying to fix it.

The successor to the Kulaguy v. OtakuD50 match.

Made this for Kulaguy in a fit of sleeplessness. I didn't ask first.

Made this for Werehog21 after seeing his avatar. I didn't ask first.

Made this after skimming over OtakuD50's blog. Sorry, I didn't ask.

A plan for when and if this place gets more active users.

Transformed the Real GU+ (thus not real) Mia into a AIDA (and thus more real) Mia. Yeah....not as creative.

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