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Images scanned from CELL. I'm putting them here as I work on more scans and articals. It would be nice if a good samaritan could upload these and maybe make a page for The Ending World (Vol. 1) and put the images in Another Birth style.--Falcon At 17:42, March 21, 2010 (UTC)

This is Haseo saving Midori and Adamas from a gang of PKs.

Midori and what I think is a personification of her disease or the PK Midori.

Chap1 image. Haseo and Midori first meet, insuring violence.


We already have this one: the chap2 pic. Adamas gets surrounded by an army of PK's.

the first of 2 story pics for chap3. Bordeaux uses Negi as a shield.

chap3 part 2: After the PKs are dead or fled, Midori and Canard celebrate.

Chap4: Adamas finally returns to the game.

1st of chap5: Sakaki leads a manhunt against Midori.

2nd of chap5. Midori realizes that she has no memories of the real world.

1st of chap6: Adamas feels Midori's presence, but can't see her.

Haseo being a badass.

Midori strikes a pose

Adamas goes yaoi

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