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Have a question about the .hack//Wiki? Ask Piros! This is the forum where you can consult the .hack//Wiki community about anything to do with the site or its articles, receive guidance and consultation, or make requests.

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TopicLast EditLast Author
.hack//Wiki01:14, December 2, 2014Jagrecob
Tears of Feelings Lyrics16:02, May 18, 2014First Skeith
Crimson Knights vs Cobalt Knights14:42, June 4, 2013First Skeith
Kite's Cross-Rengeki attack?23:59, September 24, 2012First Skeith
Tablemaking12:01, September 1, 2012Neo Bahamut
Skills/Spells03:09, May 19, 2012Kurobina
.hack GU artwork22:13, March 2, 201298.210.52.175
.hack//The World Vol. 320:31, January 4, 201276.26.230.239
More info about hack//ChupChopCase12:51, November 5, 2011186.106.160.244
The end of .hack//?23:12, August 27, 2011Dotsonface
.Hack//Night07:13, August 26, 2011158.142.160.5
Official Article Request Thread12:10, June 26, 2011Daipenmon
"Random Quote" FAQ16:30, June 7, 2011Noxos d author
'The World' Mechanics21:55, February 18, 201176.17.239.225
What is with this random Epitaph site?08:10, February 15, 2011Xownsrlox
Release date for .Hack//Link?07:20, February 5, 2011Tepellin
Reminisce15:26, December 28, 2010Tepellin
Kikuhyakumonji in Mutation?09:29, December 26, 201069.171.160.220
Song title07:35, December 18, 201024.90.128.127
Black Death04:04, October 23, 2010PhaethonZer0fNothing
New Wikia Look16:21, October 21, 2010OtakuD50
Macha and Mia?20:20, October 18, 2010Treasure-Hacker
.hack//quantum?07:15, October 4, 2010Treasure-Hacker
Seperate Pages for Minor PCs02:45, July 3, 2010PhaethonZer0fNothing
Split Series into Individual Games00:50, July 2, 2010Kuukai2
LINK Canon Status00:49, May 28, 2010Kuukai2
.hack//3rd anime22:43, May 12, 2010Treasure-Hacker
Multiple Characters by Era or Game?12:06, May 12, 201097.127.114.199
UPC Offline information?19:39, May 8, 2010Treasure-Hacker
Epitaph of the Old Testament16:34, May 5, 2010Treasure-Hacker
Class Weaponry, Armor, and Items needs a makeover...06:19, April 28, 2010Kulaguy
LINK Additional Info23:18, April 27, 2010Kulaguy
Name Bolding02:46, April 21, 2010Rpg
Music coverage01:00, March 24, 2010OtakuD50
X Rengekis?03:52, March 22, 2010OtakuD50
AI Sora?01:57, March 20, 2010Falcon At
Concept art21:01, March 17, 2010Falcon At
LINK Character Classes01:24, March 17, 2010Kulaguy
Game Rare Weapons05:37, March 12, 2010OtakuD50
Tense?05:30, March 12, 2010OtakuD50
Products / Merchandise?05:27, March 12, 2010OtakuD50
LINK: Current Stance00:23, March 10, 2010Falcon At
Image categorizing?23:24, February 25, 2010Falcon At

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