Three main Factions currently oppose each other in The World: Arvakv of the humans, Ogmios of the beasts, and Teutates comprised of both humans and beasts.

These three forces sometimes fight and sometimes cooperate with one another in a three-way war.

Arvakv the InnovatorsEdit

With their steam technology and innovative way of thinking, the Arvakv are represented by the symbol of a shining sun.

Centered around the Eternal City of Mac Anu, and the Dual City of Breg Epona, they are led by a man named Ishmael.

Although directly opposed to the Ogmios, they exchange steam technology with the Teutates in exchange for help in weapon manufacturing.

Ogmios the ConservativesEdit

Composed of beasts with their crest technology and conservative ways, Ogmios is represented by a great gate and a magic circle.

Centered around the Celestial City of Dol Dona, they are led by a woman from the Tu Tribe named Bipu Bapu. They directly oppose the Arvakv, but they exchange crest technology with the Teutates in exchange for manpower.

Teutates the PursuersEdit

Teutates are a mixed force of humans and beasts with a pure hunger for power. Their symbol is the roaring lion and staff.

Centered around the Warring City, Lumina Cloth, their leader is a young human male named Al Azil. They receive steam technology by manufacturing weapons for the Arvakv, and receive crest technology from the Ogmios by providing military support.


Adventurers are a mercenary force formed by the Teutates. Most adventurers join small-scale war bands called guilds and work from within them. In exchange for being allowed to use space in @HOME or borrow bikes, adventurers in guilds promise to support Teutates.

Also, guilds that contribute greatly to Teutates are given the right to use one of the three castles owned by Teutates. These are assumned to be the Area @homes owned by TaN, Moon Tree, and Kestral.

Among the adventurers are some who wish to rise to the top of the Teutates and perform the Gods’ Rebirth themselves.

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