Evidence is the fifteenth episode of .hack//SIGN.


The entire episode is basically a review of the first half of .hack//SIGN, reminding the audience of the unique situation Tsukasa is in, his meetings with Macha and the unknown voice that grants him the Guardian, the trouble he gets into with the Crimson Knights, and his first meeting with Subaru. Aside from that, the episode merely replays clips from Castle. There is a small bit of original footage showing Subaru in Mac Anu, but aside from that this episode is nothing more than a review of the past 14 episodes.


  • Since Evidence is a recap episode of the first half of the series it was placed on the final disk of the DVD release. Due to this many people mistakingly see it as episode 26 of the series. But as it was shown 15th in the original TV airing of the series it is actually episode 15.

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