Epidemic starter sets.

"An Epidemic of what? Grunties, Level 2 PCs, Mimics, Demons... you name it, it's here. Epidemic includes 100 all-new cards: 27 each common, uncommon, and rare, 9 Xtra rare foils, and 10 premium foils. Two different 60-card starter decks feature Level 2 Elk and Mia; also available in 11-card booster packs."
— Epidemic Promo —

Epidemic was the second expansion set to the .hack//ENEMY card game. Two starter decks were released for this series, modeled after Mia and Elk.

Epidemic Card ListEdit

Common CardsEdit

Uncommon CardsEdit

Rare CardsEdit

Starter Deck Premium CardsEdit

Extra Rare CardsEdit

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