Dark Maiden is an Uncommon card from the Isolation set of .hack//ENEMY.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

Dark Maiden requires a variety of elements spotted, but given even a small amount of different-element items, as well as the possibility of the opponent having those elements, this is easily fulfilled. It is fairly strong and storable, allowing it to lead or support easily. Dark Maiden's Reward can wound or destroy a PC simply by returning a witch to the hand; this can be a scored or stored witch, but it can also be a witch that was in the same battle as Dark Maiden, or even be the Dark Maiden itself so it can be reused. If the Dark Maiden is chosen to be sent to the hand through its own reward, it can't be stored; therefore, it's best for Dark Maiden to attack as part of a group large enough that it's guaranteed not to be alone in battle if used for that purpose. The fact that Dark Maiden can be easily reused to double-weaken the opponent's defenses makes its Reward worthwhile even without support, however.

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