Dark Asteroid is a promo card in .hack//ENEMY.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

Dark Asteroid is a powerful card with a strength of 8, and a Destiny of 5. However, its play cost completely wipes out your own defenses by sacrificing 3 PCs. Its reward allows you to sacrifice up to two stored or scored monster cards in order to use its reward. Due to its sheer cost, this card should only be used near endgame (especially if you need only one more point to win) or during dire situations (hopefully when the opponent has no stored monsters). To maximize its reward potential, use it only if at least two monsters with rewards are stored in the portal and not used in an attack. If it is used to attack, it stands a good chance at winning. For its reward, it is best to sacrifice monsters with rewards that will destroy the opponent's scored or stored monsters, which would negate any advantage the opponent has after sacrificing your own PCs.

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