Cubia is an extra rare card from the Distortion set of .hack//ENEMY.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

Cubia can be difficult to bring out due to its cost, which is to spot 7 Gomora-class monsters in play. Once out, Cubia's strength takes over. Its reward, which shuffles the discard pile into the deck, can extend the game length, but limits the effectiveness of Cubia Core B. This card's reward can be a lifesaver if you tend to battle a lot or use effects that draw extra cards frequently.

Obviously, Cubia can only be effectively used in a Cubia-themed deck. When creating such a deck to use with Cubia, it is best to stick with the Gomora monsters used to summon it. When using a Cubia deck that also employs the use of the later-stage Cubias and Cores, note that there are different strategies available. Playing and building up Gomoras toward summoning Cubia should be done at the same time as playing Cores to set up the summoning of a later-stage Cubia. While this may take longer than focusing on one Cubia strategy, it allows for more flexibility.

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