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"No matter what I'll always have my bones! Rattle!"
— Bony Grunty —

The Bony Grunty (クソ ザ ボーン) is a Grunty that can be raised
on the Λ Lambda Server.

Stat RequirementsEdit

Size: 40
Body Odor: 13 to 27
Rebel: 3 to 17
Brutality: 8 to 22
Intelligence: 8 to 22
Purity: -2 to 12

Food CombinationsEdit

Option 1
1 Golden Egg
2 White Cherries
3 Cordyceps
5 Oh No Melons
6 Immature Eggs
8 Invisible Eggs
Option 2
1 Golden Egg
3 Invisible Eggs
5 La Pumpkins
5 Mandragoras
5 White Cherries
6 Cordyceps
6 Mushrooms
6 Twilight Onions
Option 3
1 La Pumpkin
1 Mandragora
1 Twilight Onion
5 Invisible Eggs
5 White Cherries
11 Golden Eggs
Option 4
2 Mandragora
3 Grunty Mints
3 Piney Apples
6 Cordyceps
13 Golden Eggs
Option 5
1 Mandragora
1 Snakey Cactus
2 Piney Apples
4 Cordyceps
16 Golden Egg

Racing StatsEdit

Grunty Speed Acceleration Turning
Bony Grunty Excellent        Poor    Poor


  • When summoned with the Grunty Flute, the Bony Grunty searches for the Dungeon entrance.
  • In .hack//MUTATION, the Bony Grunty has an icon that looks like a memory card.

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