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"You must be the friend that Orca was talking about, that's why you know about this field right?"
— Bob —

Bob (ボブ) is a friend of both Orca and Linda.






Bob is a friend of Orca and Linda. Orca asked him to acquire a rare item, but Bob forgot where to meet him and posted a message on the BBS listing his current location. Kite saw the message and met with him instead. Bob was surprised to see him, but once Kite filled him in on the situation he agreed to help. He knew that Orca had been investigating certain rumors, but did not know exactly what he had been looking for. With his help Kite was able to arrange a meeting with Linda, who had been helping Orca with his research. Before Kite left, Bob presented him with the rare powerup item "Secret: Reason" that Orca had asked him to get. Saying that Orca had planned on giving it to Kite as a gift.

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