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.hack//Sora: Beyond The World (ドットハック Sora:セカイの向こうに Dotto Hakku Sora Sekai no Mukō ni) is a manga adaptation of the movie .hack//Beyond The World.




  • prologue: Routine (日常)
  • SCENE_1: Dream and Reality (夢と現実)
  • SCENE_2: First Contact (ファーストコンタク)
  • SCENE_3: Confessions (告白)
  • SCENE_4: Coma (意識不明)
  • SCENE_5: Everyone Prepared (みんなの覚悟)
  • SCENE_6: Origin (オリジン)
  • epilogue: New Routine (新しい日常)
  • あとがき - Afterwords


  • Gondo is attacked by the virus at Arche Koeln Waterfall and falls into a coma.
  • K-Kei takes Sora to the Goddess Statue instead of Dasha.

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