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Avatar Tarvos is the Avatar of Pi.


End of The WorldEdit

Though Tarvos had been defeated, fragments of its data still existed within The World. These fragments were gathered by the genius programmer Jyotaro Amagi and sealed into a special Epitaph PC created to control the Phase's powers. Frightened by Amagi's increasingly erratic behavior, Jun Bansyoya stole the Epitaph PC containing Tarvos and hid it on his own personal computer. However Amagi had expected this and had already prepared a dummy Epitaph PC as a backup. Following the disastrous test of the Epitaph PC's Jun E-mailed the Epitaph PC to his sister Reiko for her to use in restoring the system.

.hack//G.U. GamesEdit

Using the Epitaph PC data sent to her by Jun Bansyoya, Reiko created a PC named Pi. Though it appeared to be a normal PC on the outside, Tarvos's data was sealed inside it, and was released as an Avatar after Pi was attacked by an AIDA. Pi slowly learned how to control Tarvos, however she lost control of it while on a routine system search.

Pi and Haseo were investigating a dungeon that was reported being infected by an AIDA. When they encountered an AIDA trying to infect Zelkova and Kaede, Pi jumped in the way and became infected with the AIDA instead of Zelkova. The AIDA inside Pi took over and released Tarvos out of Pi's control, forcing Haseo to activate Skeith and defeat Tarvos in combat.


.hack//G.U.//Rebirth AttacksEdit

  • Energy Dart: Fires several semi-homing needle like energy shots out from its two wings.
  • Stake of Death: Fires nine large needles at her opponent which circle back. Slash to destroy them as they pass by. Any remaining needles are aimed and fired directly at Skeith and are unavoidable.
  • Orb of Revenge:This attack nearly always comes after stake of death. Tarvos fires an energy orb (two,usually after data drain) which must be slashed three times each to be knocked back.
  • Invincible Shield: Tarvos puts her two wings together to shield herself. Slash to break through the defense and stun.
  • Data Drain: Tarvos' stake starts to glow and turns into a data drain cannon and fires it at her opponents. Tap buttons rapidly to reduce damage dealt to Skeith.


  • Tarvos's GU theme song is called "The Location of Power."
  • Tarvos is characterized by having thorns or sharp-pointed objects.
  • Tarvos was the first avatar defeated/devoured by Skeith in GU games.

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