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Avatar Fidchell is the Avatar of Yata.


End of The WorldEdit

Though Fidchell had been defeated, fragments of its data were still spread throughout the system. These fragments were retrieved by Jyotaro Amagi and sealed into an Epitaph PC for use in the R.A. Plan. However the first test of the Epitaph PC was a failure; shock waves from the test spread throughout The World damaging data in many places. In the confusion Fidchell, still attached to its Epitaph PC, was able to escape into the system.

.hack//G.U. GamesEdit

The Epitaph PC containing Fidchell eventually attached itself to the System Administrator Yata, and Avatar Fidchell appears in the third volume of the games.



"The abberant key, borne in thy left arm. The key of twilight, borne in thy right arm. The final wave. The surge of rebirth shall become light and fill the world. Thou shalt lead the new gods to their twilight. Thou destroyest and createst, thou powerless one as the stirring footsteps of a giant shadow sound. Oh blessed be the little ones..."
— Avatar Fidchell —

.hack//G.U.//Redemption AttacksEdit

  • Energy Shot: Fidchell fires several shots out of his mask on his head.
  • Quadra Halo: Fidchell lines up the 4 discs that encircles him in a straight line in front of himself and fires 4 large laser blasts.
  • Spinning Death: Fidchell takes off his mask and throws it at his opponents. It takes 3 hits to knock back.
  • Teleportation: Fidchell's mask starts glowing just as if it was about to fire its energy shots and then teleports to dodge any incoming attacks.
  • Reflection: Fidchell starts glowing. During this period, any stun bullets fired at Fidchell would be deflected right back at Skeith.
  • Will of the Gods: Fidchell creates a small orb and fires it at Skeith. If Skeith does not slash it away, Skeith will be caught in a magically contained explosion.
  • Data Drain: Fidchell places the 4 discs in a ring-like formation in front of himself. A large data drain cannon appears and fires at his opponents. Tap rapidly to reduce damage dealt.


  • Fidchell's G.U. theme song is called "Chain of Fate."
  • In volume 5, Yata's Epitaph chain reads "Fidhell," instead of "Fidchell." This, however, is not a misromanization for the same reasons that Macha was misromanized as Maha in SIGN. The word "Fidchell" is Celtic and in Celtic transcripts, the letters "ch" are to be pronounced as a strong "h", thus "Fidchell" is actually pronounced as "FidHell". Thus the Japanese phonetic transliteration was indeed correct.

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