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Avatar (憑神) is a special skill in .hack Conglomerate.

Avatars in the G.U. GamesEdit

During Project G.U., the 8 Phases' data, also known as Epitaphs or Morganna Factors, were recovered and incorporated into special PCs called Epitaph-PCs, allowing the player controlling the PC, known as an Epitaph User (碑文使い), to summon the phase as an "Avatar". The eight main characters of G.U., also known as the Infinity Eight, are all Epitaph Users. Only rare people with compatible personalities, known as "Chosen Ones" (適格者), can become Epitaph Users. "Chosen Ones" have a connection emotionally to the Avatar they're compatible with. Ordinary people lose consciousness when attempting to use an Epitaph-PC. When "awakened", Epitaph Users can call forth their respective Phase and fight in Avatar Space, an extra dimension that exists outside of the perception of normal users, but parallel to and in direct interaction with the rest of The World R:2.

In addition to the Infinity Eight, known chosen ones include Shino Nanao, who was once the Epitaph User of Innis, and the eight Chosen Ones found by the R.A. Program. Some Avatars appear quite different from the original 8 Phases, incorporating some elements of the appearances of the players controlling them. In .hack//G.U.+, a character named Kazumi controls the Dummy Morganna Factor that Jyotaro Amagi created.

Though the Avatars in G.U. look vastly different to the originals (being more humanoid), many retain traits, such as Magus' long tail, Tarvos being impaled on a spike, and Macha's flower motif.

Avatars in the G.U. NovelsEdit

In the .hack//G.U. novels, the Avatars (巫器) are eight weapons with the skill Data Drain. Much like in the games, they are the manifestation of an Epitaph-PC's "Epitaph" and can only be seen by Epitaph Users. When two Avatars touch, an Avatar Space (巫器空間) is formed. Avatar Space is a white space where the thoughts and wills of the users blend. Haseo's weapon is similar to his Lost Weapon. Kuhn's lance and Endrance's rapier also make appearances, yet it is unknown how they may relate to their Lost Weapon's.

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  • In the Japanese version, Chosen Ones were referred to as "candidates", or "qualified". The reason for the change to a more auspicious name is unknown.
  • Cobernik and Innis are the only phases having visibly AIDA (black bubbles).
  • Magus and Fidchell are the only phases that were never infected by AIDA.
  • Haseo was infected by AIDA, but managed to get rid of it before use Skeith.

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