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Atoli (アトリ, Atori) is a character in .hack//Link.



Just like in .hack//G.U., Atoli appears as an identical twin of Shino, due to the fact that she shares the same character Model as her, the only differences being her hair, and the lack of a teardrop shaped mark, no scarf, along with a more colorful outfit. Her appearance is that of a young blonde woman. She wears a small green dress, a short white wing-shaped mantle on her back, white stockings, and a white hat. Her wave symbol is on her hat, and she wields a flower-like staff in combat.

Xth Form

In her Xth Form, Atoli's hat retains its shape as in her regular form, unlike Shino. However, the large, silver bead that keeps the tassel attached to the hat is changed into a yellow flower, with the tassel itself becoming braided. Floating on top of the hat is a yellow halo, some of which also adorn her newly changed weapon. The wings that are attached to her dress are much bigger and angular, and the dress itself gains a small yellow flower at the chest and its tails become more rounded. There is also a small inclusion of yellow flowers attached to her leggings near the hamstring. Her staff gains the aforementioned yellow halos, as well as the staff gaining wings at the centerpiece. The centerpiece is now colored white with gold linings that form an eye in the middle. The flower and wings are orange, which turn to white in the middle.



Basic Info




Atoli and Shino share the same character model, which is a trait that Mimiru and Blackrose both share as well.

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