Astro Prince is a promo card in .hack//ENEMY.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

The rarest ENEMY card is also one of the overall best monsters in the game. It boasts a strength of 3, the maximum Destiny of 5, is storable, has no play requirements, and has a decent reward. Its Reward makes the user skip hand reconciliation, meaning the user can choose not to draw extra cards if he or she has less than 5 cards or choose not to discard cards if he or she has more than 5 cards.

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  • Due to the fact that the ENEMY game was discontinued shortly after the Astro Prince card was released there were very few chances to actually win this promo card in tournaments. Because of this only a small amount of cards were released into circulation, making Astro Prince one of the, if not the rarest .hack//ENEMY card.

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