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"Hey, I got my pride too! I don't want your stinkin' money. Just shut up and take it!"
— Apeiron —

Apeiron (アペイロン) is a Heavy Axeman that appeared briefly in one scene with Mistral and Kite.

Epitaph of Twilight (Poem)Edit

Apeiron, King of Light is the preserver of order.


Kite warps in to Dun Loireag to find Mistral trying to haggle an item off of Aperion. Apeiron keeps asking for a large amount of money (9999 GP), and Mistral runs off to get the money. Apeiron then tries to sell it to Kite for significantly less (999 GP). Kite points this out, and in frustration, Apeiron forces Kite to take the Book of Iron, which is ultimately useless.

Aperion is the name of the King of Light in the Epitaph of Twilight, and Analysis confirms he is actually a CC employee trying to sneak one of the vaccine-laced Upgrade Books onto Kite.

The Book of Iron itself was a hacked item designed to delete Kite's character, but because of the protection of the Twilight Bracelet, it just came up with an error.


  • The word "Apeiron" is a theory of something eternal and ageless and that encompasses all the world. Light is such a thing.
  • In Epitaph of Twilight, Apeiron is the opposite to Helba, however, in games, Lios is the enemy and adversary of Helba most of the time.

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