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ALTIMIT Corporation is an Alternate Reality Game created by Affinitive LLC to advertise the .hack//G.U. Games for Namco Bandai.

First Incarnation

The first Version of the Website focused on creating hype for .hack//G.U. Rebirth. One of the most notable events that took place was a Scavenger hunt, which sent e-mails out to users with links to different Wanted posters. These wanted posters featured artwork of Azure Kite, Still known as Tri-Edge at this time, that members of the community had created. In total, there were 24 posters created. By joining the site, members could participate in quests and projects to earn points, which they could then spend on different items such as .hack//ENEMY trading card packs, t-shirts, pins, a .hack memory card, DVDs, and a Tsukasa plushie

Altimit Corp V1

Original Page Design



Second Incarnation

Altimit Corp V2 login

Home Page for Version 2


  • Aaron Krause (Atama): .hack//G.U. Associate Product Marketing Manager
  • Ovan/Master Yata: Manager of the site


During ALTIMIT Corp, the staff held a contest for the members to create a poster for .hack//G.U. The winners had their posters officially printed out by Namco Bandai and given to fans who had bought Redemption.

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