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"@Home is a space allocated to each guild. Increasing Guild Rank will add more rooms and more useful functions."
The World R:2

An @HOME is a location in The World R:2 that functions as a base or hall for Guilds within the game. The size of an @HOME depends on the guild's rank. Small, weak guilds such as Canard usually only have a building with a few rooms, while the @HOMEs of large guilds like TaN can rival a Root Town in size. @HOMEs also existed in R:1, where they were simply called Homes.


A Twilight Brigade and TaN Guild Key.

Guild KeysEdit

An @HOME can only be accessed by members of its affiliated guild, or by people who have been given a Guild Key by a member of that guild.



  • Each @HOME has its own personal Grunty, who appears as a Grunty version of that Guild's current leader.

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