Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground is a rare promo card in .hack//ENEMY.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

This field card is both difficult to play and difficult to remove, as it requires Level Up! cards (which are normally unavailable to those who have not participated in a tournament) to play, and the sacrifice of two hidden cards to destroy. Its effect also prevents it from being destroyed merely by playing another Field card.

This card's main strength is its ability to prevent monsters from being played. Thus, if this card is not destroyed in due time, whoever has the most points when the card is played is guaranteed to win once one player's deck is emptied. This card is more practically used as a stall tactic to prevent the opponent from attacking while the player builds defenses by playing PCs and items.

This card was one of the few cards in .hack//ENEMY that was banned from sanctioned tournament play.

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